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Design Your Dream Home: The 5 Best 3BHK House Plans!

Are you looking for the perfect 3BHK house plans to design your dream home? Well, look no further!

In this blog, we’ll present 5 of the best 3BHK house plans to help inspire and guide you on creating your ideal living space. Whether it’s a spacious open layout or cozy traditionally-styled rooms with modern amenities, these carefully curated designs have something for everyone.

From sleek contemporary architecture to classic farmhouse style; each plan is sure to bring plenty of inspiration and ideas as you embark on designing your very own dream home.

What is a 3BHK Home Plan?

A 3BHK home plan is a floor plan that consists of 1 hall, 1 kitchen, 3 bedrooms, and an additional smaller room (study room/workroom).

Typically, the size of the smaller room is approximately 0.5 times the size of each bedroom. The number of washrooms or bathrooms can be determined by the owner’s preference and requirements. All in all, a 3BHK house plan is ideal for families with two or more children as it provides enough space for everyone to live comfortably together under one roof.

It also serves as good investment opportunity for those looking to build properties for commercial purposes such as rental apartments; where three bedrooms can easily accommodate multiple people at once.

What is the General Room Configuration of a 3BHK House Design?

When considering 3BHK house design planning, it is important to consider the general room configuration. A typical 3BHK house design includes:

  • A living room
  • A dining room
  • A kitchen area
  • Up to three bedrooms
  • Up to 3 bathrooms
  • A puja room

Note: This is a general configuration of a 3BHK house plan. So, customized designs may have more/less rooms!

Top 5 Best 3BHK House Design Plans

Now let’s have a closer look at the top 5 best 3BHK house plans:

1. 50’x30′ 3BHK North Facing House Plan

A 3BHK home plan with a north-facing orientation is ideal for those looking to benefit from the positive energy flow. The total area of this house plan is 1161 sqft. and it has been designed in such a way that the kitchen will be placed in the northwest corner, at the center of which there will be a hall.

What’s more? The primary bedroom would be located towards southeast direction, attached to its own toilet. In addition, there are two other bedrooms – one for kids being placed towards west direction and another guest bedroom having an attached bathroom towards the south-east side. Lastly, on east side there would be stairs leading up while northeast corner will provide entry into this beautiful home.

This north-facing 3BHK house offers ample space and balance between different elements thus creating an environment providing tranquility & peace so desired by many homeowners. Also, it provides several options through which you can give shape to your dream home without feeling cramped or restricted due to lack of space available therein!

2. 28’x50′ 3BHK North Facing House Plan

If you’re looking for the perfect 3BHK north facing house plan, then look no further! This 28’x50′ house plan is ideal for a family of four. With 1,480 sqft. of living space, this design allows plenty of room to move around and grow your family.

The south side of the home includes a pooja room as well as a storeroom – making it easy to keep religious items stored away and supplies organized. To the southeast is the kitchen which has been slightly offset from the main dining area in an east direction – allowing natural light into both areas throughout the day.

The northeast section hosts a large hall that can be used for multiple activities such as events or social gatherings with friends and family. The southwest corner accommodates one bedroom with an attached toilet while across on the west side lies another bedroom specifically designed for kids featuring a bathroom that can be shared between both bedrooms if desired.

Last but not least, situated in northwest outside corner is an additional staircase leading up to either a second-floor loft or even more storage space depending on preference along with its own shared toilet facility nearby. Finally, at northeast is where entrances welcome guests into this beautiful home layout setting up perfectly any type of future decoration desired inside this amazing North-facing 3BHK home plan!

3. 40’x45′ 3BHK East Facing House Plan

Are you looking for a 40’x45′ 3BHK East Facing House Plan to build your dream home? Well, we have the right plan for you! This single-story bungalow has a plot size of 1850 sqft. and offers enough space to make all your dreams come true. Moreover, the house plan is ideal according to Vastu Shastra guidelines.

It features an east-facing entry, with eight even doors (good according to Vastu) and ample natural lighting from windows facing different directions. Also, the living room faces north and is undivided from the dining area, along with one single car parking near the entrance itself.

For added convenience, staircase access to the terrace has been placed outside of this floor plan which keeps it separate from other parts of the house structure. The kitchen lies towards south-east direction while master bedroom will be on south-west corner making sure that positive energy flows around freely throughout your home.

If you need help with designing a customized 3BHK home plan, you can contact BT Construction. They are the pioneers at luxury house design planning in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu!

4. 40’x50′ Modern 3BHK Duplex House Plan

This modern and stylish 3 BHK duplex bungalow comfortably fits in a 40’x50′ plot area measuring a total of 2050sqft. Moreover, the house has a great design sense with an ideal entrance towards the west, along with one single car parking space to the right side.

On entering, you will find a spiral staircase leading to both stories of the house. The kitchen is situated in the southeast corner for improved efficiency and ease of access from other parts of the home. Furthermore, there are three bedrooms in the southwest corner and one large living room in the southern direction as per Vastu Shastra.

As a perfect finishing touch, this modern design accommodates 12 doors that allow easy movement throughout different sections of your new home!

5. 38’x48′ Modern 3BHK Duplex House Plan

A 38’x48′ modern duplex 3BHK home plan is perfect for those seeking a spacious and stylish living space. This 1850 sqft. home features a relaxing sit-out at the front of the main entrance, as well as a large balcony on the first floor. Inside, there are two floors with plenty of living spaces to accommodate your needs.

The entry of this luxurious duplex bungalow faces east and leads into the living room located in the northeast corner. The master bedroom is situated opposite in southwest while kitchen area is conveniently placed in southeast region.

There are 12 total doors throughout this elegant 3 BHK dwelling providing an additional sense of security and privacy to its inhabitants. To top it off, you will find enough parking space for one car near the entrance – making it easier for you to come & go!


1. What does a 3BHK floor plan mean?

A 3BHK (3 Bedrooms, 1 Hall, and 1 Kitchen) is one of the most common residential house plans.

It typically consists of three bedrooms, a living room area for gathering with family and friends, and a kitchen to prepare meals.

2. What is the ideal size for a 3BHK home plan?

The ideal size of a 3BHK floor plan should be around 1500 sqft. This allows for enough space to accommodate three bedrooms, one living room, and one kitchen comfortably.

So, anything less may leave some areas feeling cramped or not well-utilized.

3. How much does it cost to build a 3BHK house?

The approximate cost for building a 3BHK house in India can range from 48-65 lacs depending on factors such as location, materials, and design.

It’s important to take all these considerations into account when budgeting for your project so you know what kind of costs to expect.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to designing your dream home, the possibilities are endless. With so many 3BHK house plans available on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. However, these 5 best 3BHK house plans have all of the features and amenities needed for a comfortable lifestyle.

Whether you’re looking for an open floor plan with plenty of natural light or something more traditional with elegant details, these designs will provide you with everything necessary in order to create your perfect living space. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start planning your dream home today!

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