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The Best Designer-Approved 4BHK House Plans: Get Ready to Live Big!

Are you ready to live large? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place!

This blog will explore the best designer-approved 4BHK house plans that offer luxury, style and comfort all in one! With these amazing designs, there’s no limit to how grand and beautiful your home can be.

So get ready for an incredible journey through some of the most stunning four bedroom homes designed by top professionals. Let’s go!

What is a 4BHK Home Plan?

A 4BHK home plan is perfect for larger families who are looking to have more space and comfort. A typical 4 bedroom house plan includes four bedrooms, one hall, one kitchen, balconies, an optional pooja room or study area and many other features.

With such a spacious layout, you can easily accommodate more members in your family without worrying about the availability of space. These homes provide ample natural light as well as ventilation to keep them airy and cool all day long.

Other amenities like car parking spaces or a storeroom make these plans even more attractive for buyers. Therefore, if you’re looking for a large-sized home with plenty of options available at your disposal – 4BHK home plans are definitely something worth considering!

What is the General Room Configuration of a 4BHK House Design?

When considering 4BHK house design planning, it is important to consider the general room configuration. A typical 4BHK house design includes:

  • A living room
  • A dining room
  • A kitchen area
  • Up to 4 bedrooms
  • More than 4 bathrooms (or according to plan convenience)
  • A puja room
  • A store room
  • A car parking (suited for 1-2 cars)

Note: This is a general configuration of a 4BHK house plan. So, customized designs may have more/less rooms!

Top 5 Best 4BHK House Design Plans

Now let’s have a closer look at the top 5 best 4BHK house plans:

1. 45’x54′ Duplex 4BHK House Plan

This gorgeous 3900 sqft. plan has a beautiful entry that leads to the living room with an attached pooja room, balcony, and dining area adjacent to it.

The L-shaped kitchen comes with a dry balcony and storeroom connected to the dining area. It also features a courtyard in the middle and one primary bedroom on its ground floor which is equipped with an attached toilet.

Moving upstairs, you get access to three bedrooms each having their own changing rooms and attached bathrooms along side a spacious family area and terrace overlooking your property.

2. 32’x62′ Duplex 4BHK House Plan

This 3450 sqft. house plan has a wide porch that enters into a spacious living room followed by the family room entry and internal staircase. The kitchen is placed at one corner of the house along with pooja and utility rooms while the dining area is located opposite it.

You will find two bedrooms on its ground floor, out of which one has an attached toilet while all three bedrooms on the first floor have their own bathrooms. It also offers you a vast terrace to enjoy your evenings in peace and calmness.

3. 37’x49′ Duplex 4BHK House Plan

With a total area of 3334 sqft., this house plan offers you a spacious living room along with a higher plinth level for dining space.

It has two bedrooms on its ground floor out of which one is the kid’s bedroom while the other is primary bedroom and all the three bedrooms upstairs have their own attached bathrooms along with an access to terraces through them.

You also get an additional kitchen space here that comes with dry balcony attached to it.

If you need help with designing a customized 4BHK home plan, you can contact BT Construction. They are the pioneers at luxury house design planning in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu!

4. 30’x50′ Duplex 4BHK House Plan

This 3100 sqft. mansion features small staircase at its entrance that leads into an impressive lobby followed by a spacious living room with verandah attached to its dining space.

The ground floor consists of two bedrooms out of which one has an attached bathroom while the upper floor holds another two rooms along side a kitchen and dry balcony connected to it.

Additionally, you will also find pooja and storeroom connected to your living area in this setup.

5. 45’x72′ Duplex Bungalow 4BHK House Plan

This incredible 4700 sqft. house plan opens up with a spacious living room followed by an internal stair that takes you to its kitchen and pooja room attached to it.

The verandah attached to the living area provides access to three bedrooms on the first floor, each having their own attached bathrooms along side one bedroom with an attached balcony for admiring your property from up above.

It also features a family room at its central part which is perfect for gathering all your loved ones under one roof.


1. What does a 4BHK floor plan mean?

A 4BHK floor plan is a house plan that consists of four bedrooms, one hall or living room and one kitchen.

This type of house plans are designed to provide enough space for growing families. It could also be used as an investment property if you are looking to rent out the extra rooms.

2. What is the ideal size for a 4BHK home plan?

The ideal size for a 4 bedroom home plan would depend on your needs and preferences!

However, generally it should range between 1500-2500 sqft. depending upon the number of bathrooms, balconies and other inclusions such as study areas, etc.

A 2000sqft area is considered to be an optimum size for a family with more than three members.

3. How much does it cost to build a 4BHK house?

The cost of building a 4 BHK would depend on the size, amenities and materials used.

Generally speaking, the average cost for building a 4 BHK home plan is between 1,200-1,700 rupees per sqft. However, this cost can go up depending upon the type of material you use such as wood or stone, among others.

It is important to factor in additional costs such as permits and taxes that may be applicable when planning your budget for this project.


The best 4BHK house plans have been carefully crafted by experienced designers, tailored to your lifestyle and requirements.

With a wide range of options available, you can easily find the perfect plan that meets your needs and suits your style. So don’t wait any longer – get ready to live big with one of these designer-approved 4BHK house plans today!

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