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Luxury Living Made Easy: The Best 5BHK House Plans!

Do you want to experience the ultimate luxury living? Then look no further than these incredible 5BHK house plans!

These experienced designs are perfect for large families, providing ample space and modern amenities that will make any homeowner feel like royalty.

With plenty of options available, it’s easy to create your dream home without breaking the bank. Read on to learn more about the best 5BHK house plans and find out which one is right for you!

What is a 5BHK Home Plan?

A 5BHK home plan is a type of house floor plan that includes five bedrooms. It is typically used by large families or people who need extra space and want to spread out.

A 5BHK home plan usually has at least three full bathrooms, multiple living areas, as well as plenty of storage space. These types of plans can be found in both modern and traditional designs and are great for accommodating larger gatherings like family reunions or parties with friends.

With a 5BHK home plan, you can easily find the perfect layout to fit your lifestyle while having enough room for everyone to feel comfortable and relaxed.

What is the General Room Configuration of a 5BHK House Design?

When considering 5BHK house design planning, it is important to consider the general room configuration. A typical 5BHK house design includes:

  • A living room and a family room
  • A dining room
  • A kitchen area (dry balcony attached)
  • Up to 5 bedrooms (with attached bathrooms and a balcony to at least 2 bedrooms))
  • A puja room
  • A store room
  • A car parking (suited for 1-2 cars)

Note: This is a general configuration of a 5BHK house plan. So, customized designs may have more/less rooms!

Best 5BHK House Design Plans

Now let’s have a closer look at some of the best 5BHK house plans:

1. 40’x38 Duplex 5BHK House Plan

This house plan provides 3446 sqft. of living space, making it ideal for larger families. The ground floor is made up of an expansive lobby and verandah that are connected to the living room.

This area also contains a pooja room, balcony, and an L-shaped internal stair that leads to the first floor. In addition to this, there’s an Indian kitchen with attached dining area next to the living room while two bedrooms occupy the other side – one bedroom has its own attached toilet as well as access to a small terrace.

The first floor includes a spacious and expansive lobby that connects three more bedrooms; one these bedrooms also enjoys direct access from a balcony incorporated into this plan design.

2. 52’x42 Duplex 5BHK House Plan

This house plan provides 4500 sqft. of living space suitable for larger families. It is composed of a narrow lobby that’s attached to an impressive double-height spacious living room with grand dining area connected to it.

This floorplan also includes an Indian kitchen, attached toilet and store room and beautiful pooja room on the ground floor along with two bedrooms – one of which has access to an open terrace as well as a walk-in club facility.

The first floor features yet another spacious family room and three more bedrooms equipped with their own bathrooms, plus each bedroom offers walk-in club facility. Two of these bedrooms have direct terrace access from them as well!

3. 50’x50 Duplex 5BHK House Plan

This house plan provides 2500 sqft. of living space, making it suitable for those who need more than an average-sized home. The ground floor is made up of parking space with 106 sqft. area and the floor plan itself is perfect if you have a West Facing property.

The kitchen has an ideal placement in the South-East corner while the bedroom goes to South-West corner – according to Vastu shastra guidelines – thus ensuring plenty of lighting and ventilation during the evening hours.

In addition to this, there’s also a spacious living room designed into this house plan that faces west direction!

If you need help with designing a customized 5BHK home plan, you can contact BT Construction. They are the pioneers at luxury house design planning in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu!

Some Vastu Tips for Duplex 5BHK House Plans

When deciding on a 5BHK home plan, it is necessary to follow some Vastu guidelines. Some of these guidelines include:

  • Avoid having a toilet in the bedroom
  • Entrance door should not be located in Southwest direction
  • Kitchen should be placed in Southeast direction
  • Best directions for entrance are North and East
  • Your home should preferably face North for Vastu’s compliance
  • No obstruction at entrance
  • East or North side is auspicious for ground floor of duplex house plan
  • Avoid terrace or balcony entrances on upper floor
  • Main door should be located on ground floor


1. What does a 5BHK floor plan mean?

A 5BHK floor plan means that there are five bedrooms, one hall and one kitchen in the house design. This is a popular option for large families who want to have enough space for everyone but still stay within an affordable budget.

The common layout consists of four bedrooms on two different levels with a central living area such as a hall and kitchen at the core of the residence.

2. What is the ideal size for a 5BHK home plan?

The ideal size for a 5BHK home plan would depend on the number of family members and their lifestyle needs. Generally, it is ideal to have at least 2500-4500 sq ft of space in order to accommodate everyone comfortably.

This will also ensure that there is enough room for furniture, storage and other essential amenities.

3. How much does it cost to build a 5BHK house?

The cost of building a 5BHK house can vary depending on several factors including location, materials used and labor costs involved in the construction process.

On average, the cost per sqft. lies between 1,700-2,000 rupees which means that an approximate total cost for this type of residence could land near 1 Crore rupees or even more if extensive customizations are included in the design plans.

Final Thoughts

Living in luxury doesn’t have to be hard. With the best 5BHK house plans, you can easily create a beautiful home that is both luxurious and comfortable.

Whether you’re looking for something traditional or more modern, these plans are sure to meet your needs and let you live life in comfort and style. So don’t wait any longer – start building your dream home today!

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